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 lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)

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PostSubject: lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)   Fri 12 Oct 2007, 21:37

first of all, you should know this char is on the kilrogg realm but will be transferred to alonsus soon. been inactive since begin july but a couple of friends from alonsus talked me into playing wow again :p

Character Name : Aruan
Class : Priest
Race : Human
Level : 70
Professions : Shadoweave Tailoring 375, Enchanting 338
Real Name : Sybren
Age : 18
Location : Holland
Do you have Ventrilo ? : Yes
and a microphone ? : Yes
Link to Armory Profile REQUIRED:
E-mail address :

Our raiding times are primary 18.00 -2400 (CET), we we go 4-5 tmes aweek raiding. Will you be able too fulfill these times?

Raiding times are fine, just won't be able to make it 4-5 times a week. going out on fridays+saturdays and most weeknights are spent chilling with homies or girlfriend Smile

Tell me about your situation RL. We wanna know who we are talking too.

Doing 1st year at university atm, currently living in Leiden (holland). i love listening & making music, playing guitar and didgeridoo hehe.. also a huge sportsfan, specially speed skating and hockey... also interested in everything that involves biotech/genetics

List all previous raid experience, and what role you usually like too play, and what role you think you should play! How can you contribute to our guild?

pre-bc: zg, mc, ony, bwl up to nef.
bc: kara, gruul's, couple of wipes @ magtheridon and void reaver

since im shadow specced i suppose im going to go for massive dps and generally the huge utility i can provide a party by restoring mana and hp...

How did you hear about us and why would you like too join? Any members you like specially, then why?

checked official forums for pve endgame guilds, dont know any1 from the guild tho

6.Anything else you would like too add?

i like tacos y burritos Wink)
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PostSubject: Re: lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)   Fri 12 Oct 2007, 21:38

hm cant see the link to armory in the post now, so here it is
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PostSubject: Re: lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)   Fri 12 Oct 2007, 21:39

erhm cant this forum display links lol? or is it just my mozilla... ANYWAY

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PostSubject: Re: lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)   

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lvl 70 shadow priest (transfer)
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