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 level 70 lock

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level 70 lock Empty
PostSubject: level 70 lock   level 70 lock Icon_minitimeMon 20 Aug 2007, 00:24

Character Name :FOzboz
Class :warlock
Race :orc
Level : 70
Professions :375tailoring/375 enchanting
Real Name :MArc
Age :28
Location :UK
Do you have Ventrilo ? :YEs
and a microphone ? :YEs
Link to Armory Profile REQUIRED:Armoury buggerd atm
E-mail address

Our raiding times are primary 18.00 -2400 (CET), we we go 4-5 tmes aweek raiding. Will you be able too fulfill these times?
any times

Tell me about your situation RL. We wanna know who we are talking too.
28 years old, im a plumber from colchester living with my partner kirsty for the last 10 years

List all previous raid experience, and what role you usually like too play, and what role you think you should play! How can you contribute to our guild?
All outside bosses ssc to vashj (50%) all khaz tempest to alar all heroics etc.
I have brilliant dps gear and can provide sustained dps and curses banishes soulstones etc

How did you hear about us and why would you like too join? Any members you like specially, then why?
Bubblegum joned you after transferring realms he said I should do the same

6.Anything else you would like too add?
I have level 70 palading who i play a lot as well with pretty good gear

Whilst armoury down rough gear is 1280 shadow dam 15 crit 8.5k hp 8k mana 41/0/20 afflict spec

hope this helps
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Pirate Yaarrr!!
Pirate Yaarrr!!

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level 70 lock Empty
PostSubject: Re: level 70 lock   level 70 lock Icon_minitimeMon 20 Aug 2007, 11:34

good luck
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level 70 lock
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